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Organization Setup

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The Senior Secretary Assembly is the administrative in charge of the Secretariat of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. He exercises administrative as well as financial powers vis-à-vis the Assembly and its Secretariat. In the performance of his duties, he is assisted by two Special Secretaries, One Director General (Parliamentary Affairs & Research), three Additional Secretaries and other supporting Staff. 

The Secretariat consists of three basic Divisions; viz;- 

Each division is divided into separate Wings as under - 

Administration Division: Headed by a Special Secretary, it comprises of- 

General Cadre Wing: (Functions) 

Additional Secretary (Admn)

Deputy Secretary (Admn)

Two Assistant Secretaries (Administration)

Superintendent (Admn-I)

Superintendent (R&I)

Superintendent (Administration)

Two Assistant Secretaries (Accounts)

Two Superintendents (Accounts) 

Legislation Wing: Headed by Special Secretary, it comprises of

Additional Secretary (Legislation), Additional Secretary (PAC)

Deputy Secretary (Legislation), Deputy Secretary (PAC)

Assistant Secretary (Legislation), Assistant Secretary (PAC) 

Superintendent (Legislation), Superintendent (PAC)

Assistant Secretary (Questions)

Superintendent (Questions)

Assistant Secretary (Committees)

Superintendent (Public Accounts)

Superintendent (Committees)

 Public Relations Wing:   (Functions)

Staff Officer

Chief Protocol Officer

Protocol Officer

Assistant Protocol Officer

Senior Protocol Assistant

Public Relations Officer

Deputy Public Relations Officer


Video Cameraman 

Miscellaneous Wing:   (Functions)

Deputy Secretary (Admn)

Assistant Secretary (Admn)

Superintendent (C&P)

Supervisor Telephone/Telephone Operators


Lift Attendants


Research & Reference Division: Headed by Director General (Parliamentary Affairs and Research), it consists of- 

Research Wing:  (Functions) 

Director (Research & Publication)

Deputy Director (Research)/Senior Research Officer

Research Officers 

Reference Wing: (Functions) 


Assistant Librarian

Senior Library Assistant

Junior Library Assistant

Senior Microform Technician

Microform Technician 

Proceedings Wing:  (Functions) 

Chief Reporter

Deputy Director (Proceedings)

Reporters (B-18)

Reporters (B-17)

Reporters (B-16)

Editor of Debates

Sub-Editors of Debates

Senior Proof Readers

Proof Readers

Technical Assistant (Sound)

Operators (Sound) 

Automation Wing:  (Functions) 

Administrator (Automation)

Assistant Administrator (Automation)

Computer Programmer

Assistant Programmer

LAN/WAN Support Engineer

Data Entry Operators 

Translation Wing

Head Translator

Senior Translators


Security and Maintenance Division: Headed by an Additional Secretary, it consists of - 

Security Wing:  (Functions) 

Chief Security Officer

Security Officer

Assistant Security Officer

Security Assistant

Junior Security Assistant 

Maintenance Wing:  (Functions) 

Senior Estate Officer

Estate Officer

Superintendent (Services)


Assistant Comptrollers

Care Takers


Kitchen Attendant

Sanitary Workers

Bathroom Attendants


Head Bearer/Bearers 

Lawn Supervisor

Head Mali/Malis



The Functions of each Wing in a Division are summarised as under - 


General Cadre Wing

Special Secretary (Administration), in charge of this Wing, performs his functions under the direction and supervision of Secretary. The functions of each section of General Administration Wing are - 

Confidential & Procurement Branch 

-     maintenance of PER and Declaration of Assets record; 

-     printing of stationary; 

-    procurement and distribution of official liveries, durable goods, consumable articles, shields/gifts and other related material; 

-    procurement and maintenance of machinery and other equipment; 

-     purchase of furniture/fixtures; 

-     telephones and Telephone Exchange; 

-     maintenance and repair of official vehicles. 

Receipt & Issue Branch 

-     procurement and maintenance of official stamps; 

-    receipt and issue of official communications; and  

-     telegrams and courier service. 


-     Organization and methods; 

-     service rules and regulations; 

-     recruitment and pay and allowances; 

-     attendance and Leave; 

-     training and issuance of NOC; and 

-     loans and Advances 


-     personnel management;

 -    confidential Record: PERs and Declaration of assets;

-    GP Fund, Benevolent Fund, Welfare Fund, Group Insurance and Grants; 

-     medical Reimbursement; 

-     sessional allowance and Honoraria; 

-     disciplinary Proceeding. 


-    budget and supplementary Budget of the Assembly and its Secretariat; 

-    finance Committee; 

-    payment on account of salaries/allowances, commodities and services; 

-    delegation of financial powers; 

-     returns; 

-     reconciliation of Accounts; and 

-     matters relating to inspection and Audit. 


-     pay and allowances of MPAs/Speaker/Deputy Speaker; 

-    verification of service, leave title, fixation of pay and such like matters; 

-     pension and matters relating thereto; and 

-     Darbar fund and Mosque fund. 

Legislation Branch  

-    matters relating to Summoning, Prorogation and Dissolution of the Assembly; 

-    conduct of a session including Seating Plan and List of Business (Agenda); 

-     matters relating to;

-    legislation, including Government Bills as well as Private Members Bills and publication of Acts; 

-    resolutions; 

-     privilege, Adjournment and Assurance Motions; 

-    annual as well as Supplementary Budgets in the Assembly, including Demands for Grants and Cut Motions; 

-    rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab; 

-     speaker's Conference; 

-     Secretaries' Conference; 

-    commonwealth Parliamentary Association and other International Organizations; 

-     coordination with other Parliaments in Pakistan; 

-     compilation and publicaton of the List of MPAs; 

-     preparation and printing of Bio-data of MPAs; 

-     airport Security Passes for MPAs; 

-     computerization of laws. 

Question Branch 

-    matters relating to the Assembly Questions (Starred as well as Unstarred); 

-     short Notice Questions; 

-     call Attention Notices. 

Public Accounts Committee Branch

-    matters relating to the meetings of the Public Accounts Committees; 

-    scrutiny of the working papers received from various departments and forwarding the same to concerned quarters;

-    preparation and communication of the Minutes of all the meetings of the Committees; 

-     matters relating to the compliance of PAC directives; 

-    preparation, publication and presentation of the Reports of the PAC. 

Committees Branch 

-    matters relating to the meetings of all Committees, except Finance and Public Accounts Committees; 

-    preparation and communication of the Minutes of all the meetings of the Committees. 

-    preparation, publication and presentation of the Reports of the Committees. 

Litigation Branch 

-    conduct of litigation for and against the Assembly and its Secretariat; 

-    recovery of outstanding Government dues. 

Translation Branch 

Under the supervision and control of Head Translator, the Branch undertakes translation from Urdu to English and English to Urdu. Head Translator is assisted by Senior Translators and Translators. 

Public Relations Wing 

Public Relations Branch 

-    liaision with News Agencies and Newspapers; 

-    reporting of the activities of the Assembly and its Secretariat; 

-    review and analysis of the news items, and preparation of the press summary for the Speaker and the Secretary; 

-    preparation of speeches of the Speaker as and when required; 

-    maintain profiles of legislators and other prominent personalities;

-    issuance of press releases, hand-outs, press statements; 

-    matters relating to press conferences, press briefings, press talks, seminars, workshops and any other media events; 

-    preparation of Briefs for the Press and visiting Delegations; 


Research Wing 

Director (Research and Publication) is the in charge of the Wing, who works under the direction and supervision of Director General (Parliamentary Affairs & Research) and Secretary. The broad functions include - 

-    maintain data bank and statistics with a view providing support services to the public representatives; 

-    maintain vital statistics; 

-    undertake research, consolidate the same and publish research reports, briefs and other research oriented documents; 

-    preparation, revision and updating of material for the Web Page of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab; 

-    editing and publication of the decisions of the Speaker. 

Reference Wing 

Established in 1921, the Assembly Library has a total collection of around 55,000 books on variety of topics including constitutional and other laws, parliamentary procedures, jurisprudence, history, sociology and politics. Debates of the House of Commons, Senate, National Assembly and other Provincial Assemblies are also available. 

The Library maintains computerized catalogue, and is equipped with internet facility. Important data has largely been preserved through micro films. The Library also has some collection of Video Films about the working of the Parliaments of various countries. The library provides active services to the public representatives, Government and other departments, research scholars and students.

Proceedings Wing 

Proceedings Branch 

-    maintenance of audio record of verbatim proceedings of the House, and its transcript; and 

-    preparation of proceedings of the Committees, as and when required; and 

-    operation and maintenance of the Sound system in the Chamber and the Committee rooms. 

Editing Branch 

-    compilation, editing and publication of the verbatim proceedings of the Assembly; and 

-    preparation and publication of indexes of the Assembly Debates; and  

-    distribution of the Assembly Debates. 

Automation Wing 

Computer Branch 

-    total computerization of the Assembly and its Secretariat; 

-    matters relating to Local Area Network, internet and Web Page of the Assembly; 

-    procurement and maintenance of the Computer equipment; 

-    development and maintenance of software Applications; 

-    database administration; 

-    matters relating to the Information Technology Training 


Security Wing 

Security Branch

-    preservation and maintenance of the security of the Assembly Building and its inmates, Assembly Hostels, and liaison with the police Department. 

-    security check; 

-    preparation and issuance of Assembly Identity Cards to the public representatives and staff of the Punjab Assembly, and issuance of duty passes and visitors' passes; 

-     maintenance of security equipment; 

-    matters relating to national flag; 

-    conduct, guide and secure the visitors in the Assembly. 

Maintenance Wing 

-    upkeep and maintenance of the Assembly building, MPAs Hostel, Pipals House, Speaker House & Deputy Speaker House, the furniture and fixtures therein; 

-    matters relating to the Hostels, including allotment of rooms; 

-    arrangements for refreshments at the meetings and otherwise as and when required; 

-    matters relating to the official canteens and Cafeteria; 

-    management of the Assembly Cycle Stand; 

-    storage and disposal of condemned articles;


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