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Deputy Speaker

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Message from Deputy Speaker

It is an immense pleasure for me that you are viewing the official website of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. Punjab is the most populous province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and therefore, the provincial legislature has greater number of Members of the Assembly as compared to other provincial legislatures. The website is a commendable effort to show the Assembly business and active participation of the Members, their devotion and strong commitment to raise their voice for the solution of the peoples’ problems.

In this knowledge-based millennium, Assembly Secretariat has tried to present broad and comprehensive information about the functions of the provincial legislature at a click of the viewer.

Some of the features of our website are that it serves as an e-library to provide the parliamentary documents pertaining to the functioning of the Assembly and its Committees. A collection of research works is also available on the website.

Furthermore, the live visual proceedings of the sessions of the Assembly are also accessible through it. This also serves as a source of connection between the Members of the Assembly and the Secretariat via e- mail.

A unique achievement of the Assembly Secretariat is a compilation of all the laws applicable in the Punjab Province since 1860 to-date. These can be accessed through comprehensive search facility.

Our website also updates the viewers about the working of the Assembly, agenda, summary of the proceedings, latest notifications, publications, biography of the Members, Rules of Procedure, Bills, information about the Secretariat, press releases, tenders, job opportunities and many more things through an easy way of search.

We value the keen interest of the viewers about the functioning of the provincial legislature as a large number of hits being received by our website every day. However, we would like to welcome any suggestion and constructive criticism to improve and update the facility.

Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani

Deputy Speaker

Provincial Assembly of the Punjab