Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, on completion of its five years’ term, stands dissolved on and from 31 May 2018 in terms of Article 107 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Government & Opposition

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Government & Opposition

Assembly Tenure: 2013-2018 (16th Assembly )

Government Alliance

Leader of the House

Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

Took oath as Chief Minister in 6th June 2013 Sitting of the 1 of the Assembly

Government Parties

The Government Alliance in the present Assembly belongs to the following political parties:

Cabinet & Functionaries

Advisor to Chief Minister Portfolio
1-Rai Haider Ali Khan Tourism  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)

Minister Portfolio
1-Raja Ashfaq Sarwar Labour & Human Resource  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
2-Sher Ali Khan Mines & Minerals  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
3-Tanveer Aslam Malik Communication & Works  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
4-Malik Mukhtar Ahmad Bherath Population Welfare  
5-Muhammad Asif Malik Archaeology  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
6-Rana Sana Ullah Khan Law & Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 29th May 2015)
7-Lt Col (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Ayub Khan Ghadi Counter Terrorism  (Appointed on: 6th January 2017)
8-Hameeda Waheed Ud Din Women Development  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
9-Khawaja Imran Nazeer Primary & Secondary Health  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
10-Bilal Yasin Food  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
11-Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
Addl. Charge: Information & Culture  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
12-Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan School Education  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
13-Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri Auqaf & Religious Affairs  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
14-Sheikh Allauddin Industries, Commerce & Investment  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
15-Syed Raza Ali Gillani Higher Education  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
16-Mian Yawar Zaman Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
17-Naghma Mushtaq Zakat & Ushr  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
18-Malik Nadeem Kamran Planning & Development  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
19-Mian Atta Muhammad Manika Revenue  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
20-Farrukh Javed Literacy & Non-formal Basic Education  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
21-Muhammad Naeem Akhtar Khan Bhabha ‏‏Agriculture  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
22-Asif Saeed Manais Livestock & Dairy Development  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
23-Malik Ahmad Yar Hunjra Prisons  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
24-Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan Bokhari Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering  (Appointed on: 27th December 2016)
25-Mahar Ijaz Ahmad Achlana Disaster Management Department  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
26-Malik Muhammad Iqbal Channar Cooperatives  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
27-Ch Muhammad Shafique Special Education  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
28-Zakia Shah Nawaz Khan Environment Protection  
29-Khalil Tahir Sandhu Human Rights & Minorities Affairs  (Appointed on: 11th June 2013)
30-Amanat Ullah Khan Shadi Khel Irrigation  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
31-Aisha Ghaus Pasha Finance  (Appointed on: 29th May 2015)
32-Muhammad Mansha Ullah Butt Local Government & Community Development  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
33-Khawaja Salman Rafiq Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
34-Jahangir Khanzada Youth Affairs, Sports  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)

Parliamentary Secretary Portfolio
1-Raja Muhammad Awais Khalid Zakat & Ushr  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
2-Ch. Nazar Hussain Law & Parliamentary Affairs  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
3-Sahibzada Ghulam Nizam-ud-Din Sialvi Livestock & Dairy Development  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
4-Karam Elahi Bandial Energy  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
5-Haji Muhammad Ilyas Ansari Bait-ul-Maal & Social Welfare  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
6-Ch Faqir Hussain Dogar Prisons  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
7-Mian Tahir Pervaz Tourism  (Appointed on: 22nd February 2017)
8-Muhmmad Saqlain Anwar Sipra Auqaf & Religious Affairs  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
9-Ch. Amjad Ali Javed Population Welfare  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
10-Nazia Raheel Revenue  (Appointed on: 8th December 2014)
11-Imran Khalid Butt Industries, Commerce & Investment  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
12-Muhammad Nawaz Chohan Transport  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
13-Akmal Saif Chatha Environment Protection  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
14-Ch. Muhammad Asad Ullah Food  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
15-Nawabzada Haider Mehdi Management and Professional Development  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
16-Rana Muhammad Afzal Home  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
17-Khawaja Muhammad Waseem Cooperatives  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
18-Ramzan Siddique Bhatti Local Government & Community Development  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
19-Sajjad Haider Gujjar Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
20-Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari Communication & Works  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
21-Mian Muhammad Munir Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
22-Malik Muhammad Ali Khokhar Primary & Secondary Health  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
23-Rana Ijaz Ahmad Noon ‏‏Agriculture  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
24-Ahmed Khan Baloch Public Prosecution  (Appointed on: 12th February 2014)
25-Amir Hayat Hiraj Mines & Minerals  (Appointed on: 15th January 2014)
26-Mian Naveed Ali Labour & Human Resource  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
27-Mehmood Qadir Khan CMIT  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
28-Sardar Atif Hussain Khan Mazari Literacy & Non-formal Basic Education  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
29-Malik Ahmad Karim Qaswar Langrial Planning & Development  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
30-Sardar Aamir Talal Khan Gopang Special Education  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
31-Ch Khalid Mehmood Jajja Irrigation  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
32-Mian Fida Hussain Wattoo Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
33-Ch Zahid Akram Colonies  (Appointed on: 12th February 2014)
34-Shaheen Ashfaq Women Development  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
35-Mehwish Sultana Higher Education  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
36-Joyce Rofin Julius School Education  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
37-Azma Zahid Bukhari Information & Culture  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)
38-Tariq Masih Gill Human Rights & Minorities Affairs  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
Minorities Affairs  (Appointed on: 12th December 2013)
39-Rana Babar Hussain Finance  (Appointed on: 24th January 2014)
40-Chaudhary Sarfraz Afzal Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology  (Appointed on: 22nd February 2017)
41-Lt Col (Retd) Shujait Ahmed Khan Consolidation of Holding & PDMA  (Appointed on: 16th July 2014)
42-Hassaan Riaz Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education  (Appointed on: 17th February 2017)

Special Assistant to Chief Minister Portfolio
1-Raja Muhammad Ali .  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
2-Rana Muhammad Arshad .  (Appointed on: 27th November 2016)
3-Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan Information & Culture  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)
4-Ch Muhammad Arshad Jutt Colonies & Consolidation  (Appointed on: 28th November 2016)


Opposition Alliance

Leader of Opposition

Mian Mehmood ur Rashid

Notified as Leader of Opposition through No.No.PAP/Legis-1(50)/97/896, 11th June 2013 

Opposition Parties

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