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Rules of Procedure

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     Article 67(1), read with Article 127, of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan authorizes a Provincial Assembly to make rules for regulating its procedure and the conduct of its business.

     Accordingly, under the before-mentioned provisions of the Constitution, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, in its meeting held on June 25, 1997 adopted the Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997.

     These rules have been amended from time to time, resulting in printing of its revised editions on a number of occasions since 1997; the last one was published in the year 2013.

     During last decade, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab has brought many changes in the said Rules including four significant amendments. The first important amendment is the inclusion of narration of Na’at (after recitation from the Holy Qur’an) at the beginning of each sitting of the Assembly. The next vital amendment is the introduction of pre-budget discussion through the addition of a new Chapter XV-A.

A set of comprehensive amendments was passed by the Assembly on May 12, 2011 which was necessitated after the passage of 18th Amendment in the Constitution.

The latest and the most noteworthy amendments were passed by the Assembly on February 17, 2016. Alongside bringing procedural changes in the Rules, remarkable amendments have been made like the detailed procedure for appointment/removal of Leader of the Opposition, a Zero Hour to facilitate the members to raise issues of public importance, the provision of annual calendar, and action taken by the Government on the passed resolution has been ensured.

This edition incorporates all these amendments in order to facilitate the Members of the Assembly in the performance of their constitutional role, the Government Departments and the general public.


Lahore:                             Rai Mumtaz Hussain Babar

25 February 2016                        Senior Secretary

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