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Assembly Business

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Sitting on 8th June 2008

List of Business  |  Summary of Proceedings  |  Resolutions Passed

List of Business





8 JUNE 2008 AT 10:00 A.M.

Recitation from the Holy Qur’an and its Translation



Ascertainment of Member as Chief Minister under Article 130(2A) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who commands the confidence of majority of Members of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab.


 LAHORE:                                              MAQSOOD AHMAD MALIK

7 June 2008                                                         Secretary




Summary of Proceedings

Summary of the Proceedings

Sunday, June 8, 2008

(Started at 12.00 PM)

Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Speaker, assumed the Chair and the proceedings commenced with the recitation from the Holy Qur’an and its Urdu translation by Qari Muhammad Ali Qadri, followed by recitation of Na’at by Mr Ghulam Haider (Assembly employee).



The Secretary Assembly announced the Panel of Chairmen for the instant session, as envisaged in Rule 13 of the Rules of the Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997, the names of the Panel, in order of precedence, are as under: -

1)    Raja Tariq Kiani, MPA (PP-3); 2)    Makhdoom Syed Ahmad Mehmood, MPA (PP-292); 3)    Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmad, MPA (PP-150); and 4)  Dr Faiza Asghar, MPA (W-351)




Following the resignation of the Chief Minister, Sirdar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa on June 6, 2008, the Assembly was required to ascertain new Chief Minister. The Governor of the Punjab, therefore, summoned a special session for the purpose of Article 130(2A) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


Mr Speaker announced that a total of thirty proposal sheets in favour of Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for ascertainment as Chief Minister had been received by the closing time i.e., 9.00 P.M on 7 June 2008, which were found in order after scrutiny. The names of the proposers are given below:-

1.               Raja Riaz Ahmed (PP-65)

2.               Malik Nadeem Kamran (PP-221)

3.               Mr Tanvir Ashraf Kaira (PP-112)

4.               Ch Abdul Ghafoor (PP-161)

5.               Mr Farooq Yousaf Gurki (PP-159)

6.               Malik Muhammad Iqbal Channer (PP-272)

7.               Mrs Neelam Jabbar Chaudhry (PP-86)

8.               Mr Ahmad Ali Aulakh (PP-262)

9.               Mr Saeed Akbar Khan (PP-49)

10.           Ms Azma Zahid Bukhari (W-342)

11.           Dr Asad Ashraf (PP-138)

12.           Rai Safdar Abbas Bhatti (PP-263)

13.           Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan (PP-66)

14.           Mr Muhammad Hafeez Akhtar Ch (PP-223)

15.           Raja Hanif Abbasi, Addvocate (PP-14)

16.           Mr Ghulam Habib Awan (PP-158)

17.           Ch Mumtaz Ahmed Jajja (PP-275)

18.           Mr Shahzad Saeed Cheema (PP-224)

19.           Mr Kamran Michael (NM-364)

20.           Ch Shaukat Mahmood Basra, Advocate (PP-283)

21.           Lt Col (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Ayub Khan Gadhi (PP-87)

22.           Ms Faiza Ahmed Malik (W-343)

23.           Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan (PP-137)

24.           Malik Nosher Khan Anjam Lungerial (PP-235)

25.           Mr Muhammad Naveed Anjum (PP-145)

26.           Mr Shahan Malik (PP-15)

27.           Ch Abdul Razzaq Dhillon (PP-33)

28.           Mrs Ghazala Saad Rafique (W-300)

29.           Mr Ijaz Ahmed Khan (PP-151)

30.           Mr Shahid Mehmood Khan (PP-194)

The names of the seconders are given below:-


1.               Ch Ehsan-ul-Haq Ahsan Nolatia (PP-253)

2.               Al-Haaj Muhammad ILyas Chinioti (PP-73)

3.               Malik Bilal Ahmad Khar (PP-252)

4.               Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmad (PP-150)

5.               Mr Tanveer-ul-Islam (PP-126)

6.               Kh Imran Nazir (PP-139)

7.               Mrs Shabina Riaz (W-344)

8.               Mr Muhammad Fayyaz (PP-25)

9.               Malik Adil Hussain Utra (PP-50)

10.           Dr Mussarat Hassan (W-345)

11.           Haji Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi (PP-197)

12.           Rana Munawar Hussain (PP-36)

13.           Khawaja Muhammad Islam (PP-72)

14.           Pir Muhammad Jamil Shah (PP-218)

15.           Mr Yasir Raza Malik (PP-13)

16.           Mailk Akhtar Hussain Naul (PP-176)

17.           Mr Muhammad Yasin Sohl (PP-156)

18.           Ch Muhammad Awais Aslam Midhana (PP-31)

19.           Ch Muhammad Ayyaz (PP-9)

20.           Sardar Muhammad Hussain Dogar (PP-179)

21.           Mian Muhammad Rafique (PP-90)

22.           Mr Amjad Ali Mayo (PP-182)

23.           Ch Shahbaz Ahmed (PP-143)

24.           Sardar Khalid Saleem Bhatti (PP-233)

25.           Mr Muhammad Ajasim Sharif (PP-140)

26.           Rai Muhammad Shah Jahan Khan (PP-54)

27.           Khawaja Salman Rafique (PP-142)

28.           Miss Shamaila Rana (W-307)

29.           Dr Zamurad Yasmin Rana (W-317)

30.           Rana Babar Hussain (PP-217)


The Secretary Assembly announced the procedure for ascertainment of the Chief Minister as provided in the Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997.


Mr Speaker put the proposal for vote of the Assembly which was held by division method.

After the conclusion of the division, the Secretary Assembly compiled the result of the division and handed it over to Mr Speaker for announcement.

Mr Speaker announced that 265 members had voted in favour of the proposal, therefore, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, was the member who commanded the confidence of the majority of the membership of the Assembly. Mr Speaker congratulated Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the new Leader of the House for assuming the charge of the Chief Minister for the second time and invited him to occupy the Chair of the Leader of the House.


After assuming the Chair of Leader of the House/Chief Minister, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif thanked all the members of the House for the confidence reposed by them and assured them of his full cooperation. The following Members thereafter extended congratulations to Main Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on becoming Chief Executive of the Province of Punjab.

1.               Raja Riaz Ahmed

2.               Makhdoom Syed Ahmad Mehmood

3.               Mr Ali Haidar Noor Khan Niazi

4.               Ms Nargis Fiaz Malik

5.               Ms Sajida Mir

6.               Ms Fauzia Behram

7.               Mr Khwaja Muhammad Islam

8.               Al Hajj Muhammad Illyas Chinoti

At this time, Deputy Speaker, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan assumed the chair.

9.               Joel Amir Sahutra

10.           Ms Rifatt Sultana Dar

11.           Mian Muhammad Aslam

12.           Mr Imran Khalid Butt

13.           Mr Muhammad Hafiz Akhtar Ch.

14.           Ms Asifa Farooqui

15.           Mr Ali Asghar Manda

16.           Ms Arifa Khalid Pervaiz

17.           Mr Ijaz Ahmad Khan

18.           Ms Shameela Aslam

19.           Qazi Ahmad Saeed.

20.           Mian Naseer Ahmad

21.           Mr Asif Manzoor Mohal.

22.           Malik Adil Hussain Utra

23.           Mr Amir Saeed Ansari

The Assembly was then prorogued.  


Resolutions Passed

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