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Assembly Tenure: 2013-till date (16th Assembly )

Member Profile

Mrs.‏   Tahia Noon

Member: Public Accounts Committee-II
MA : Mental Moral Sciences (Dublin, Ireland)
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)   (See other MPAs of this party)
Malik Adnan Hayat Noon
Nurpur Noon, Tehsil Bhera, District Sargodha
Phone: 04235788469 (Res), 04235788471 (off), 04235788474 (Fax), 03324163570, 03452114222 (Mob)
Relationship Name Parliament Period
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Punjab Legislative Assembly 1920-36
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Punjab Legislative Assembly 1947-50
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Governor East Pakistan 1950-53
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Chief Minister Punjab 1953-56
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Foreign Minister 1957
Husband's Grand Father Malik Feroz Khan Noon Prime Minister of Pakistan 1957-58
Uncle Malik Nur Hayat Khan Noon National Assembly of Pakistan 1962-65
Grand Father Sardar Aslam Khan Jalwana National Assembly of Pakistan 1965-69
Uncle Malik Nur Hayat Khan Noon National Assembly of Pakistan 1977-85
Husband Malik Adnan Hayat Noon National Assembly of Pakistan 1997-99
Country Purpose of visit Duration
France Tourism 2010
Germany Tourism 2010
Ireland Tourism 2010
Spain Tourism 2010
Swaziland Tourism 2010
Turkey Tourism 2010
United Arab Emirates Tourism 2012
United Kingdom Tourism 2011
United States Tourism 2010

Mrs Tahia Noon wife of Malik Adnan Hayat Noon was born on May 20, 1973 in Karachi. She obtained the degree of B.A (Hons) in 1996 and the degree of M.A (Mental & Moral Sciences) from Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. She has been elected as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in general elections 2013 against one of the seats reserved for women. She is serving various Governmental Committees/Boards/ Corporations including Public Accounts Committee-II; The Punjab Film Censorship Board; The Punjab Institute of Cardiology Board of Management; The Punjab Land Development Corporation; and The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation. She has extensively travelled abroad. She belongs to a renowned family of politicians. Her husband, remained Member of National Assembly during 1997-99; her grandfather, Sardar Aslam Khan Jalwana remained Member of National Assembly of Pakistan during 1965-69; grandfather of her husband, Malik Feroz Khan Noon served as Member, Punjab Legislative Council during 1921-23, 1924-26, 1927-30 (Minister for Local Self Government) and 1930-36 (Minister for Education); and as Member, Punjab Legislative Assembly during 1946-47. He also functioned as Governor of East Pakistan during 1950-53; as Chief Minister of Punjab during 1953-55; and as Prime Minister of Pakistan during 1957-58. Her uncle, Malik Nur Hayat Khan Noon remained Member of National Assembly of Pakistan during 1965-69 and again during 1977; he also functioned as Federal Minister during 1985.



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