Session 6


1st April 2024


Session Notifications

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  1. Prorogation Orders of 6th Session
    1st April 2024 | No. PAP
  2. Summoning Order of 6th Session
    30th March 2024 | No.PAP/Legis-1(32)/2024/23

Session Schedule

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  1. Apr 1

Panel of Chairmen

PP-30 (Gujrat-IV) | Gujrat
Pakistan Muslim League
Age: 80 Years
PP-78 (Sargodha-viii) | Sargodha
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Age: 52 Years
PP-213 (Multan-i) | Multan
Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian
PP-192 (Okara-viii) | Okara
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)

Summary of Proceedings

Summary of Proceedings Not Available.