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Provincial Assembly of the Punjab

Profile of the Council of Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab (1897 to 1909)

Historical Development

The Indian council Act 1861 laid the foundation for the establishment of a local legislature in the punjab. Her Majesty’s Secretary of the state of india left it to the Governor General to constitute the council of Lt Governor. The councils of the Lieutenant Governor for the older provinces were constituted by the Governor General immediately after the promulgation of the said Act. However in case of Punjab, the Council of Lieutenant Governor was constituted in 1897 when the Indian Council Act 1861 was modified by the Indian Council Act 1892. Resultantly the people of Punjab were kept deprive from the right of Legislation for 36 years.

The first ever legislature in the punjab was thus constituted in 1897. Though it was a nominated body of both offical and non-official members , it had the powers of making laws. The General Clauses Act,1898(moved by the Sir Louis Wlilliam Dane on (Nov 01,1897) and passed by the council on (15 Apr 1898) was the first enactment in the history of the Punjab.


The Basic

·         Date of First Meeting of council of Lt Governor              12-Oct-1897(Home Department, Punjab)

·         Date of Summons convening the meeting                       01-Nov-1897(Govt House, Lahore)

·         First meeting presided by                                                    Sir William Mackworth Young, Lt. Governor

·         Total no of Members of the council                                   41

·         Date of last sitting of the council                                        3rd July 1909

·         Total meetings of the council                                              28

·         Total law introduced by the council                                   23

·         Period of the first council                                                     11 years

·         Legal Frame Work                                                                  Indian Council Act 1861 & 1892


Lieutenant Governors of the First Council (1897 to 1909)


  • William Mackworth Young.

               Presided from Nov 1, 1897 to Feb 28, 1902


·         Sir Charles Montgomery Rivaz.                            

Presided from Nov 10, 1902 to Feb 28, 1907


  • Denzil Charles Jelf Ibbetson.                               

Presided on Jul 29, 1905 & Aug 5, 1905 Officiating Lieutenant Governor


  • Louis William Dane.                                              
     Presided only the last meeting held on July 3, 1909

Secretaries to the Council of LT. Governors (1897 to 1909)

·         E.W. Parker

(01 Nov 1897 to 14 Apr 1900)


·         Alwayne Turner

(14 July 1900 to 22 Sep 1900)



·         H.A.B Rattigan

(07 Oct 1901 to 28 Mar 1905)



·         S.M. Robinson

(28 Feb 1907 to July 1909)


·         S.W. Gracy

(3rd July 1909)


Laws introduced by the Council (1897 to 1909)


Date of introduction

Punjab General Clauses Act 1898                            

Sir Louis William Dane        

01 Nov 1897


Punjab Riverian Boundaries 1899                            


Mr. Lewis Thorburn             

01 Nov 1898

Punjab Land Reservation & Punjab Limitation      


Fanshawe & Madan

Gopal 16 Aug 1899

Punjab courts of ward Act                                         


Mr. Lewis Tupper                

10 Nov 1902                 

Punjab Customary Laws& Punjab Customs Declaration

Punjab Minor Canals Act                                             


Mr. Lewis Tupper              

23 Dec 1903

Punjab Limitation Ancestral Land Alienation Act                   


Madan Gopal     

16 Aug 1899

The Punjab Registration of Transport Animal Act   


Mr. Wilson                        

17 Jan 1902

The Delhi Darbar Act                                                    


Alexander Anderson        

10 Nov 1902                                                                                               

Punjab Loans Limitation Act                                       

Mr. Lewis Tupper              

11 May 1903


Punjab Steam Boiler & prime Mover Act                  


Mr. Douie                           

17 Jan 1902

The Punjab Courts Act (Amendment Bill)


The Punjab Motor Vehicles Bill                                  

Mr. Gordan Walker           

25 Oct 1906


Punjab Tenancy Act 1887(Amendment Bill)

Mr. Gordan Walker    

29 July 1905


Colonization OF the Govt Land Act                           

Mr. Douie                            

25 Oct 1906


Punjab District Boards Act (Amendment Bill)

Alex Anderson                    

25 Apr 1904


Punjab Pre-Emption Bill                                              


Mr. Lewis Tupper               

17 Jan 1902

Punjab Military Transport Bill

Punjab Municipal Act (Amendment Bill)

Mr. J. Wilson                       

16 July 1900

Sind-Sagar Doab Colonization Act (Amendment Bill)

Mr. Lewis Tupper          

2nd Nov 1899




·         Amir-ud-Din Ahmed Khan of Loharu, Nawab Sir,

·         Anderson, Alexander, C.I.E., I.C.S.

·         Benton, J, C.I.E., M.I.C.E.

·         Beresford, J.S., M.E., M.I.C.E.

·         Bhagat Singh, Sardar, C.I.E. Chief Secretary to His Highness the Raja of Kapurthala

·         Clarke, R, I.C.S.

·         Cunningham, A.F.D., C.I.E.

·         Douie, James McCrone, I.C.S.

·         Fanshawe, H.C.

·         Fateh Ali Khan Qazilbash, Nawab, Haji

·         Fenton, Michael William, I.C.S.

·         Finney, Stephan, C.I.E.

·         Gordon, Webster Boyle, C.I.E.

·         Harkishen Lal, Bar-at-Law

·         Harnam Singh, Sir Kanwar, K.C.I.E.

·         Hutchinson, Col J.B.

·         Imam Bakhsh Khan, Sir Nawab, K.C.I.E.

·         Jai Chand of Lambagraon, Major Raja

·         Ker, Arthur Milford, K.C.I.E., M.V.O.

·         Khem Singh Bedi, Bawa, C.I.E.

·         Maclagan, Edward Douglas, M.A., C.S.I., I.C.S.

·         Madan Gopal, Rai Bahadur, M.A., Bar-at-Law

·         Mahan Chand, Thakur

·         Masson, David Parkes, Kt., C.I.E.

·         Meredith, Arthur, I.C.S.

·         Merk, W.R.H., C.S.I., I.C.S.

·         Montgomery, Col J A L, C.S.I.

·         Muhammad Hayat Khan, Nawab, C.S.I.

·         Muhammad Husain, Khan Bahadur Khalifa Sayid, Mushir-ud-Dowla, Mumtaz-ul-Mulk

·         Muhammad Shafi, Khan Bahadur Mian, Bar-at-Law

·         Muhammad Shah Din, Mian, Bar-at-Law

·         Partap Singh Ahluwalia, Sardar

·         Preston, S

·         Ranbir Singh, Sir Kanwar, K.C.S.I.

·         Rattigan, Sir William H, Kt, Q.C.

·         Suraj Kaul Raja, Pandit, C.I.E.

·          Lewis Thorburn, S.S.

·         Tupper, C Lewis, B.A., K.C.I.E., C.S.I., I.C.S.

·         Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana, Malik, C.I.E.

·         Walker, T Gordon, C.S.I., I.C.S.

·         Wilson, J, C.S.I, M.A., I.C.S.