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Council of the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab 1910 Jan 3, 1910 to Dec 14, 1912

The first Council was a body of nominated members only and there was a need to introduce the element of election in the Legislative Council, which was, for the first time, brought in by the Indian Councils Act, 1909, as a result of the Minto-Morley Reforms. The membership was increased from ten to thirty; including fourteen non-official and five elected members1. The Council was also given power to pass resolutions, on the budget, as also on matters of public importance, which, however, were of a recommendatory nature.

The second Council of the Lieutenant Governor was thus constituted in accordance with the provisions of Indian Councils Acts of 1861, 1892 and 1909. This Council held 18 meetings during its life of three years; and passed 14 Acts2.