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Jan 8, 1921 to Oct 27, 1923


The First World War gave momentum to the growing demand for self-government in British India. Therefore, the new constitutional reforms, under the Montague-Chelmsford scheme, were introduced by the British Government. The purpose of this reform scheme was to introduce new system of Government in the Provinces with the name of “dyarchy”. This scheme was implemented through the Government of India Act, 1919. The Government of India Act, 1915, had already provided for the constitution of the Punjab Legislative Council instead of the Councils of Lieutenant Governor. The first Punjab Legislative Council under the 1919 Act was constituted in 1921. The Council comprised 93 members1, seventy per cent to be elected and rest to be nominated; and the term of the Council was fixed as three years. Previously (till 1920), the Lieutenant Governor presided over the meetings of the Council, and for the first time, a nominated person (designated as President), and in his absence, an elected person (designated as Deputy President) was to preside the meetings of the Council2. The first Punjab Legislative Council had held 98 meetings when the Lieutenant Governor dissolved the Council on October 27, 1923 after completion of its tenure3.


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