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Oct 24, 1930 to Nov 10, 1936

The fourth and the last Legislative Council under the Government of India Act, 1919 was constituted in 1930. On October 25, 1930, Khan Bahadur Chaudhry Sir Shahab-ud-Din was elected unopposed as President for the third consecutive term1. He was appointed Minister for Education on October 20, 19362; and was succeeded by Rao Bahadur Chaudhry Chhotu Ram3.

Though the term of the Council was three years, but due to ongoing political development, it was given leases of life from time to time. In the meanwhile, the Government of India Act, 1935 was passed which laid down the tenure of the provincial legislature to be five years. In the circumstances, the Council continued for more than six years. The Council held 197 meetings during its extended tenure; and passed 26 Acts4. It is worth mentioning that during the tenure of this Council, construction of the present Assembly building was inaugurated on November 17, 1935 by Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh, Minister for Agriculture.

  • Oct 25, 1930
  • Nov 10, 1936
  • Oct 20, 1936
  • Nov 10, 1936