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Punjab Legislative Council 1924

The second Legislative Council under the Government of India Act, 1919 was constituted in 1924. Section 20 of the said Act envisaged that after the expiration of four years from the first meeting of the first Punjab Legislative Council (i.e., January 8, 1921), the President would be elected by the Council. The election was accordingly held and Sir Sheikh Abdul Qadir was the first elected and the first Muslim President of this Council. Till his election, the previous (nominated) President Mr Herburt Alexander Casson continued as such. Sir Sheikh Abdul Qadir resigned from his office in September 1925 when he was appointed Minister for Education1, and was succeeded by Khan Bahadur Chaudhri Sir Shahab-ud-Din2. The Council held its last sitting on October 25, 1926 and was dissolved on October 27, 1926 after completion of its three years tenure3. It held 102 meetings during its life.

  • Nov 30, 1925
  • Dec 3, 1925
  • Oct 25, 1926