Summoning, Prorogation, Quorum, Seating, Oath and Roll of Members


3. Summoning of the Assembly.– (1) When the Assembly is summoned, the Secretary shall cause a notification to be published in the Gazette stating the date, time and place of the sitting and shall, as far as practicable, also cause it to be issued to each member.

(2) When the period between the summoning of the Assembly and the date of the Notification on which it is required to meet is of less than ten days, the Secretary shall also cause the particulars referred to in sub-rule (1) to be announced over the Radio and Television and through the Press.


4. Prorogation of the Assembly.– When the Assembly is prorogued, the Secretary shall cause a notification to that effect to be published in the Gazette.


5. Quorum.– (1) If at any time during a sitting of the Assembly, the attention of the Speaker is drawn to the fact that members less than one-fourth of the total membership of the Assembly are present, he shall suspend the sitting and shall order the bells to be rung for five minutes and if after the said period there is still no quorum, he shall adjourn the Assembly for fifteen to thirty minutes.

(2) If, on a fresh count being taken after the expiry of the said period, it is still found that there is no quorum, the Speaker shall adjourn the Assembly till the next working day or sine die, as the situation may require:

Provided that if an evening sitting has already been fixed for the transaction of Government business, the Assembly may be adjourned till the time of the evening sitting.


6. Oath of members.– (1) At the first sitting of the Assembly after a general election, the persons elected to the Assembly, who are present shall make, before the Assembly, the oath set out in the Third Schedule to the Constitution.

(2) The sitting held under sub-rule (1) shall be presided over by the outgoing Speaker or, in his absence, by such person as may be nominated by the Governor.

(3) If the person nominated under sub-rule (2) is a member-elect of the Assembly, he will make oath under sub-rule (l) before other persons elected to the Assembly do so.

(4) A person elected to the Assembly, who has not already made the oath under the provisions of sub-rule (1), may do so before the Assembly at any time, subject to the prior intimation to the Speaker or to the Secretary.


7. Roll of members.– There shall be a Roll of Members which shall be signed in the presence of the Secretary by every member after making the oath.


8. Seating of members.– (1) The members shall sit in the House in such order as the Speaker may determine.

(2) Before the election of the Speaker, the order shall be determined by the outgoing Speaker or, in his absence, by the Secretary.