[1][Chapter XV-A


Pre-Budget Discussion


133-A. Pre-budget discussion.-(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, in consultation with the Finance Minister, shall include, in the list of business, the general discussion seeking proposals of the Members for the next budget in a session of the Assembly which is held during the months of January to March each year.


            (2)        The general discussion on budget proposals shall take place for at least four days during the session.


            (3)        The Assembly may recommend the proposals to the Government for the next budget on a resolution moved by the Finance Minister after the conclusion of the discussion.]


[1]Added vide Notification No. PAP/Legis-1(27)/08/273, dated 13 October 2010 – see the Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary), dated 15 October 2010, p.941.