The history of Rules of Procedure in the Punjab Legislature in independent state of Pakistan, dates back to the year 1948 when "The West Punjab Legislative Assembly Rules of Procedure (1948)" governed the proceedings of the then West Punjab Legislative Assembly. "The Rules of Procedure of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1973" were the first rules under the 1973 Constitution. These rules were made by the Governor, under Article 67, read with Article 127, of the Constitution, to regulate the proceedings of the Punjab Assembly.


In 1997, these rules were substituted by the Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997; this time also made by the Governor of the Punjab under the same provisions of the Constitution. Later, the Punjab Assembly, in its meeting held on 25 June 1997, adopted these rules, with the addition of Chapter XIX pertaining to the method of amendment of the rules.


These rules have been amended from time to time and its revised editions are printed every time substantial changes occur thereto, to facilitate the hon'ble Members of the Assembly as well as the Government functionaries; the last one was published in the year 2016. Since no change has been brought in these rules after 2016 edition, this edition may be rightly called as the reprint of that edition and is hoped to serve, as always, the Members of the Assembly in the performance of their constitutional role in a befitting manner.

: Rai Mumtaz Hussain Babar
1 July 2018 Senior Secretary