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Members Directory

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Assembly Tenure: 2013-till date (16th Assembly )


Constituency Last Member Reason for By-election Current Member
Name From To   Name Oath Taken on
PP-30 (Sarghoda-III) Ch Tahir Ahmad Sindhu, Advocate 1st June 2013  11th January 2018  Passed Away  Yasir Zafar Sindhu  14th March 2018 
PP-20 (Chakwal-I) Ch Liaqat Ali Khan 1st June 2013  1st November 2017  Passed Away  Sultan Haider Ali Khan  29th January 2018 
PP-23 (Chakwal-IV) Malik Muhammad Zahoor Anwer 1st June 2013  1st March 2017  Passed Away  Shehryar Malik  27th April 2017 
PP-78 (Jhang-VI) Rashida Yaqoob Sheikh 1st June 2013  17th October 2016  De-notified  Masroor Nawaz Jhangvi  23rd January 2017 
PP-232 (Vehari-I) Ch Muhammad Yousaf Kaselya 1st June 2013  16th May 2016  De-notified  Ch Muhammad Yousaf Kaselya  14th October 2016 
PP-7 (Rawalpindi-VII) Muhammad Siddique Khan 1st June 2013  19th June 2016  Passed Away  Malik Umar Farooq  14th October 2016 
PP-240 (Dera Ghazi Khan-I) Shamoona Badsha Qaisrani 2nd December 2013  16th December 2014  De-notified  Mumtaz Ahmad Qaisrani (Bhutto Khan)  31st August 2016 
PP-97 (Gujranwala-VII) Muhammad Nasir Cheema 25th June 2015  1st June 2016  De-notified  Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Warraich  22nd August 2016 
PP-89 (Toba Tek Singh-VI) Makhdoom Syed Ali Raza Shah 1st June 2013  9th November 2015  Passed Away  Syed Qutab ALi Shah (Ali Baba)  29th January 2016 
PP-16 (Attock-II) Col. (R) Shuja Khanzada 1st June 2013  25th August 2015  Passed Away  Jahangir Khanzada  12th November 2015 
W-335 Kaneez Akhtar 1st June 2013  5th August 2015  Passed Away  Fareeha Fatima  7th October 2015 
PP-100 (Gujranwala-X) Ch. Shamshad Ahmad Khan 1st June 2013  31st May 2015  Passed Away  Ch. Akhtar Ali Khan  26th August 2015 
PP-97 (Gujranwala-VII) Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Warraich 1st June 2013  15th September 2014  De-notified  Muhammad Nasir Cheema  25th June 2015 
W-299 Kiran Imran Dar 1st June 2013  15th April 2015  Selected as MNA  Faiza Mushtaq  10th June 2015 
PP-196 (Multan-III) Abdul Waheed Ch. 1st June 2013  14th April 2015  De-notified  Rana Mehmood-ul-Hassan  25th May 2015 
PP-162 (Sheikhupura-I) Muhammad Khurram Gulfam 1st June 2013  22nd July 2014  Passed Away  Hassaan Riaz  5th December 2014 
PP-48 (Bhakkar-II) Najeeb Ullah Khan Niazi 1st June 2013  4th October 2014  Passed Away  Inamullah Khan Niazi  5th December 2014 
PP-107 (Hafizabad-III) Syed Shoaib Shah Nawaz   29th April 2014  De-notified  Nighat Intasar Bhatti  13th June 2014 
PP-136 (Narowal-V) Lt Col (Retd) Shujaat Ahmed Khan 1st June 2013  27th March 2014  De-notified  Lt Col (Retd) Shujait Ahmed Khan  13th June 2014 
W-361 Jayeda Khalid 15th August 2013  12th March 2014  Resigned  Khadija Umar  16th May 2014 
PP-81 (Jhang-V-Cum-Chiniot) Iftikhar Ahmad Khan 1st June 2013  12th December 2013  Disqualified  Muhammad Khan  19th March 2014 
PP-240 (Dera Ghazi Khan-I) Sardar Meer Badsha Khan Qaisrani 1st June 2013  24th July 2013  Disqualified  Shamoona Badsha Qaisrani  2nd December 2013 
PP-72 (Faisalabad-XXII) Khawaja Muhammad Islam 1st June 2013  24th July 2013  Disqualified  Khurram Shehzad  29th November 2013 
W-361 Samina Khawar Hayat 1st June 2013  30th July 2013  De-notified  Jayeda Khalid  15th August 2013 

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